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Currently, I, Lyth, (aka Booya Dev), am in need of a new workstation computer to develop for new platforms, and to well... game (it's research, I swear!).

I currently run Booya Dev out of my free time, and make about $3 an hour at work. As many of you know, I'm in China and I struggle sometimes to make ends meet.

I'd be incredibly appreciative of any donations that are sent. #gbdev, #n64dev, and #nesdev communities have helped me out so much in the past, and I'm incredibly thankful.

You can donate to me by PMing me on the IRC channels #gbdev, #nesdev and #n64dev over at EFnet, or by Paypal at josh_boyer1(at)

You can also visit my Patreon page here: Patreon Donation Campaign Page

Total Amount so far: $101 USD


The current build(s) that could benefit the most are:


Tepples(@EFnet #nesdev) djedditt (@EFnet #ngb) Tom-Servo(@EFnet #nesdev) Alphamule (@EFnet #nesdev) Shiftplusone (@Freenode #RaspberryPi)


Anybody that donates will receive a photo of my face in amazing 8.5x11 @ 500dpi (in a Photoshop file) or jpg. This here is the best reward in the history of "crowdfunding".

Donators will also receive a 8.5x11 @ 500dpi jpg of this AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL drawing of a Cat, done by me.

Please note that Nintendo 64, Gameboy, NES, etc are not the same as money. They are much more valuable and I could not accept them. They're too priceless.

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